• Translation

    A comprehensive translation service in all languages in a wide variety of specialist subject areas.

    Our professional linguists use state-of-the art translation tools to deliver carefully crafted, consistent and accurate documentation in your chosen language combinations.

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  • Interpreting

    We provide interpreters for public service, court, hospital & business settings for small groups with no need for equipment.

    We also put together teams of simultaneous, conference interpreters for multilingual conferences and board meetings – working in booths while delegates listen in via headsets.

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  • Conference Equipment

    We provide conference interpreting booths, infra-red delegate headsets, full public address and microphone systems including push-to-talk mics with chariman override.

    We also provide portable tour guide interpreting equipment to cater for multi-lingual delegations on guided tours.

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    Conference Equipment
  • Design & Web

    We design multilingual publications for print and web – pdf, php, InDesign, asp.

    Our customers appreciate our expertise when combining cultural sensitivity with the required technical disciplines – this is well beyond the scope of monolingual publications.

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    Design & Web
  • Information & Enquiries

    If you are seeking additional information, or would like someone to call you back to discuss a project, or are looking for a quotation, then please feel free to make an online enquiry or give us a call.

    We’re always happy to advise.

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    Information & Enquiries

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Design & Web

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